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Sold at Auction
Release: 1923-05-26

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Sold At Auction [ 1923 ]


Sold at Auction

Posted by Roman Franecki

Rating  :  4.5

Year  :   1923

Duration  :   12h 25m

This Hal Roach comedy short I found on the "American Slapstick" DVD collection of rare silent comedies starts bizarre and has an anything goes-quality one rarely sees in Mr. Roach's output. It stars Snub Pollard who is initially introduced as a baby left on a doorstep before we see him fully grown about 20 or so years later still in that basket! From there, he gets bumped car to car crossing the street prior to getting literally thrown through a window as an auction is taking place! Also appearing is James Finlayson as a man who's items accidentally get sold.

Cast : 'Snub' Pollard, Wallace Howe, James Finlayson, Marie Mosquini, Jack Ackroyd

Crew : Charley Chase

Genres :

Production Companies : 

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