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Chhoti Bahu
Release: 1971-05-22

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Chhoti Bahu [ 1971 ]


Chhoti Bahu

Posted by Valentina Breitenberg

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   1971

Duration  :   2h 17m

Radha lives with her widowed dad and is of marriageable age. Accordingly her details her provided to a marriage-broker, Avtar, who also doubles as a Ved (Village Doctor). He brings the proposal before Shriram and his wife, Sita. They approve of Radha and show her photograph to Shriram's brother, Dr. Madhu, who agrees to marry her. The marriage is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in the entire village. It is then that the Shriram, Sita, and Madhu find out that Radha has a serious illness - a fact that was known to Avtar - but not communicated to them. This illness prevents her from being intimate with Madhu, and the only cure is when she has a child of her own. Will this marriage be an ...

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