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Tigers of the Snow
Release: 1997-04-04

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Tigers Of The Snow [ 1997 ]


Tigers of the Snow

Posted by Ona Volkman

Rating  :  7.0

Year  :   1997

Duration  :   12h 56m

There are only about 300 remaining Siberian Tigers in the wild, restricted to a section of far Eastern Russia, near the coast. Wildlife biologists risk life and limb to track the tiger and research its movements and habits. They sedate the animals so the tigers can be measured and collared. One Russian scientist is shown raising two tigers which he found orphaned as cubs. He keeps the tigers in a cage, then allows the beasts into a fenced forest-like enclosure. The efforts of these scientists are in contrast to those of poachers, who kill the tigers for their pelts, as well as for body parts to be marketed in traditional Chinese medicine.

Cast : Richard Kiley

Crew : Mark Stouffer, Kevin McCarey

Genres : Documentary

Production Companies : National Geographic.

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