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Angel Whispers
Release: 2015-04-16

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Angel Whispers [ 2015 ]


Angel Whispers

Posted by Walton Lesch

Rating  :  4.8

Year  :   2015

Duration  :   1h 25m

Sham Shui Po, there is the most famous red-light district in Hong Kong. Li (Carrie Ng) owns a few of the apartments in the building and she earns a living by renting them out to the prostitutes. To the prostitutes though, she is more a friend than just a landlord. She gets together a group of prostitutes and work as hard as they could, trying to attract business to turn the tide. Still, they do not know they are quietly approaching death. It begins with the missing of a prostitute Ping. Ping is one of the tenants who live with her young daughter. In the process of finding Ping, Li discovered there had been a lot of missing prostitutes in this building, yet none of them were found. The buildi ...

Cast : Carrie Ng, Sammo Hung, Foo Hiu-Mei, Kabby Hui

Crew : Carrie Ng, Carrie Ng, Carrie Ng, Shirley Yung, Shirley Yung, Pang Pak-Sing

Genres : Horror, Thriller

Production Companies : Sundream Motion Pictures.

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