•   1:11:00
Duel at Yagyu Valley
Release: 1945-05-17

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Duel At Yagyu Valley [ 1945 ]


Duel at Yagyu Valley

Posted by Clement Powlowski

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   1945

Duration  :   1h 11m

During the Warring States era, Hozoin Kakuzenbo and Yagyu Tajima-no-kami, being best friends, spend their days acquiring skills of the spear, sword and martial arts. Hozoin loses a series of matches with master swordsman Kozumi Ise-no-kami. Bitterly ashamed, Hozoin embarks on a journey, trying to perfect his skills. A few years later, Hozoin is ready and it's time for the ultimate showdown with Ise-no-kami!

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